P3M3 is a management maturity model looking across an organization at how it delivers its projects, program(s) and portfolio(s). P3M3 is unique in that it looks at the whole system and not just at the processes. The P3M3 assessment can be tailored to meet the needs of the organization and can be deployed in multiple ways. P3M3 provides three maturity models that can be used separately to focus on specific areas of the business or more generally to help organizations assess the relationship between their portfolios, programs and projects. The current version of P3M3 (version 3.0) is enhanced over previous version with: • Increased scope o Asset management o Commercial management o Behaviours • Increased diagnostic capacity. The P3M3 maturity model sub-models are: • Portfolio Management (PfM3) • Programme Management (PgM3) • Project Management (PjM3).

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